Brett Muchow


Berrien County Commissioner

8th District

Oronoko and Baroda Townships

Berrien County is my family's home...

...and I see great strength in its land and people. I want to enable our workers to live well, and companies to prosper, improving our communities and infrastructure for the future.

I’m running for County Commissioner of the 8th District to work for you, as it's truly together we can build a better Berrien County that will grow for everyone.

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Everyday person concerned about
local people and companies

  • Organic produce and livestock farmer for the past five years in Oronoko Township

  • High School English teacher and Union member for over ten years, National Board Certified

  • Revitalized the soil with multi-species livestock and rotational grazing

  • Opened the farm to the public for workshops and educational experiences

  • Volunteered at Lakeshore Schools in classrooms and 4-H Woodworking


  • Ensure responsible government contracting for local companies and their workers

  • Promote growth in services, businesses, and quality of life for all residents

  • Increase job training programs for students and recent graduates

  • Improve infrastructure of roads, internet, public transportation and healthcare access